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"You lose a lot more in golf than you win. So when you do win, you have to enjoy it. I'm going to go back home and enjoy it with my friends and enjoy it with my family and, yeah, I love being from Northern Ireland. I tell everyone how great it is. For me, it's the best place on earth. I'm obviously biased, but I love it back there and I love the people."



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There are several things on the new Blue line of products from Adams Golf that harkens back to the good old days of golf. For example, it isn’t adjustable, which means the loft up campaign promoted by TaylorMade appears to have run out of steam. The Blue driver features a titanium head as well as a draw bias. Some may recall Callaway’s Hawk Eye driver, which some affectionately dubbed Hook Eye (circa 2001), also employed this design feature. The center of gravity (CG) position is low and toward the back unlike JetSpeed, which Adams’ parent company TaylorMade categorically stated was the wrong way to go. “We expect ‘low and forward CG’ to represent the next great innovation in metalwood performance,” said Sean Toulon, then Executive Vice President at TMaG in November of 2013. “With our SLDR and JetSpeed products, we’re giving golfers of all types the opportunity to increase their launch angle and reduce their spin-rate, which ultimately leads to more distance.” Toulon was only confirming the company line as TaylorMade’s Chief Technical Officer Benoit Vincent stated in July of 2013 with the introduction of SLDR, “Without a doubt, this is the longest driver we have ever created. Our expertise at positioning the CG low and forward sets us apart from our competitors, and is vital to making SLDR the spectacular distance machine that it is.” It’s amazing to think they got it wrong for all those years, based on Vincent’s statement alone, and yet the company has adopted its old ways yet again! Keep in mind that last year, TaylorMade closed its Adams Golf office in Plano, Texas and consolidated the operation into its Carlsbad, CA headquarters.

Each piece in the Adams Blue set (driver, fairway, hybrid and combination iron set) was created, according to the company, to help golfers get the ball in the air more easily and more consistently. It seems on the surface; Adams is going back to the tried and true theme of game improvement rather than relying on the hyper competitive category distance clubs appealing to consumers. The Blue incorporates the Velocity Slot Technology on the soles of the clubs, which the company has been using for five years in its products.

The new Adams Blue line features SlimTech shafts that features narrower shaft tip diameters to promote lower kick points and high launch conditions, according to the company. Consider it the polar opposite of Wilson Golf’s Fat Shafts that back in the day promoted stability at impact for tight shot dispersion. Adams Blue Driver & Fairway has a .320mm tip (vs .350 in most standard products), while the hybrids and irons are .350mm tip (vs .370 in most standard products)

“Quite simply, Adams Blue is engineered to help golfers hit higher, straighter shots more consistently,” stated Brian Bazzel, Senior Director, Product Creation. “Through a sophisticated, simple design, Blue matches an aesthetically-pleasing look with proven performance technologies to make the game more fun for more golfers.”

Blue Driver will be available in three different lofts (9.5°, 10.5° & 12°) with a 55 gram Aldila SlimTech shaft at an MSRP of $299. The Blue Fairway is offered in three lofts (15°, 19° & 22°) also with a 55 gram Aldila SlimTech shaft at an MSRP of $199, while Blue Hybrid is available in four lofts (19°, 21°, 23° & 25°) with a 55 gram Aldila SlimTech shaft at an MSRP of $179. Blue Irons are sold as a combination set including a 3 and 4 hybrid along with the 5-iron through pitching wedge at an MRSP of $699 for steel (True Temper Dynalite SlimTech 85 gram) and $799 USD for graphite (SlimTech by Aldila 55). The entire Blue line is available at retail beginning April 3.

Now if someone can explain how Adams’ Blue line fits into the company’s strategy that also saw it introduce its Red line hybrid back in January, please drop me an email!


The adidas Group has appointed David Abeles as CEO of TaylorMade Golf Company with immediate effect.  Abeles succeeds Ben Sharpe, who has decided to leave the company for personal reasons. Abeles will report directly into adidas Group CEO Herbert Hainer.

Abeles rejoined the company as President of TaylorMade and Adams Golf last month.  A 12-year veteran of TaylorMade Golf Company, Abeles brings a deep executive skill set, leadership competence and business acumen built both within the golf industry as well as in the world of sports. Most recently the CEO of the Competitor Group Inc., Abeles is widely respected within the golf community for his relationships and energetic connection with both the retailer and consumer.

Herbert Hainer, CEO of the adidas Group: "David has a proven track record of success and leadership excellence. I am convinced that David will lead our golf business into the next era of growth. At the same time, I would like to thank Ben for his passion and many contributions to our company over the last nine years and I wish him all the best for his professional and private future.”


LOOKING FOR SOME ACTION? Golf is as much about keeping score as it is about characters and relationships. Caddyshack, for example, was immensely successful thanks to its exploitation of the characters that make up the recreational game. Anyone that has been around golf for any length of time has seen or played with an Al Czervik, Ty Webb or Judge Smails!

A new golf movie is coming that helps to remind us what the game was like not so long ago. THE SQUEEZE, directed and written by Terry Jastrow, stars Jeremy Sumpter (Friday Night Lights, Peter Pan), Christopher McDonald (Happy Gilmore, Requiem for a Dream, Thelma and Louise), Katherine LaNasa (The Campaign, Alfie), Jillian Murray (Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown), Michael Nouri (Flashdance), and Jason Dohring (Veronica Mars).

squeezeThe plot is about a notorious gambler who discovers a modest young man living in a small rural town that possesses superior golf skills. Seeing his potential, the gambler convinces him to abandon his dreams of winning the US Open and start playing in some high stakes matches that provides him with some fast cash. The stakes grow higher and higher until the game becomes “life or death.” The story is based on actual events. It turns out Terry Jastrow and his wife, Anne Archer, had dinner with Kevin Flatt and his wife, Chris, in Las Vegas. Flatt told his story of how he went from being an unknown golf pro to playing in money matches. Back in the “good old days” it wasn’t uncommon for big money games to happen. The lower the profile of the player the greater the opportunities. For example, there is a famous story about how Raymond Floyd first met Lee Trevino! “I went down to El Paso to play Lee,” Floyd recalled. “He was the club pro, the cart attendant, the bag guy. He was it! I was asked would I go down and play this guy down in Texas for some money. I said what’s his name and they said Lee Trevino. I said I’d pay somebody I never heard of. It took three days and I shot 66 and 65 and lost. Then I shot 63 and won and the end of that story to make it short is that’s the first time I ever spoke Spanish. I said adios!” Keep in mind this was long before weekly PGA TOUR purses featured multi-million dollars or winners pocketed seven figures!

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Looking for a better fit or perhaps a way to give back? You can do both through Mission belts! Traditional belts with holes are only adjustable every 1” so often times your pants are either too tight or falling off. Mission Belts are adjustable every 1/4” so you get the perfect fit every time. Finding the right size can also be difficult, which is why Mission Belts are easily customizable too. If your belt becomes too big you can easily cut it down to the right size with a pair of scissors at home. That means even when you lose or gain a few pounds Mission Belts adjust with you for the most comfortable fit. So after that big holiday meal just loosen your belt a few clicks for quick and easy comfort. The company said it has plans to venture into the PGA TOUR to find players that can help tell its story. 

A dollar from every Mission Belt sold goes to fight global hunger and poverty through micro lending, the company shares through its web site. Its part of its social responsibility, it says, and came from helping a friend that was in need a few years ago. While a lot of people want to help, few find the time to do so. However, most people wear belts and now they can get a great fit, while also helping someone in need. The company motto is: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Some people already know how to fish, they just can’t afford a net. It can start with a belt!

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