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"You lose a lot more in golf than you win. So when you do win, you have to enjoy it. I'm going to go back home and enjoy it with my friends and enjoy it with my family and, yeah, I love being from Northern Ireland. I tell everyone how great it is. For me, it's the best place on earth. I'm obviously biased, but I love it back there and I love the people."



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Frank Nobilo recently tweeted: “I’m worried about the game. I think we have lost our way in so many aspects. Golf is too expensive. The courses are too long. We have equipment that is really designed for the recreational player, but which produces unhealthy distance for the elite players.” Its a view that seems to be widely held. With no disrespect intended to Nobilo by singling him out, but he’s right on two out of three.


The average driving distance at last week’s Wyndham Championship was 300.1 yards (vs 310.3 in 2018) for a difference of -10.2 yards, according to TOUR sources. The average driving distance in 2019, year-to-date, is currently -2.3 yards shorter than in 2018 on the PGA TOUR. 


The average driving distance at last weeks Ellie Mae Classic on the Korn Ferry Tour was 307.6 yards (vs 310.0 in 2018) for a difference of -2.4 yards. The average 2019 driving distance for the Korn Ferry Tour is currently -2.2 yards shorter, year-to-date, than in 2018.  


How about the over 50 guys? The average driving distance on the Champions Tour in 2019 is currently -8.0 yards shorter, year-to-date, than in 2018! Across the pond on the  European Tour, the average driving distance is currently -0.9 yards shorter, year-to-date, in 2019 than in 2018. 


The outlier happens to be the ladies. The average driving distance on the LPGA Tour 

in 2019 is currently 6.6 yards longer, YTD, than in 2018.  

We can debate several ways that would make the game healthier but if anyone thinks rolling back the distance a golf ball travels will excite and encourage people to continue to play or intrigue others to try it, they’re dreaming. Anyone want to go back to dial up service for the Internet?






Remember not all that long ago when belly putters were the rage. After the USGA nixed that since it didn’t like the look, it was then a shift to counterbalanced models. The idea being that maintaining resistance to twisting (MOI) was the way to making more putts drop. Now another part of the club is coming under scrutiny to make players better or perhaps enjoy the game a little more.

Odyssey says its Stroke Lab (picture the late Robin Williams’ routine on golf) is about challenging common, well-established putter norms with ideas that promote improved performance.

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Does anyone see anyone else playing Mizuno metal woods even outside of the occasional player on the PGA TOUR? Then again not many play the brand’s metal woods on TOUR even though they can get paid to do so. Nevertheless, Mizuno has introduced the ST190 woods. According to the company, the ST190 is, “highly anticipated,” which isn’t even open for debate. But in the world of perception is reality; Mizuno proclaims it has quietly been a pioneer of metal woods for the entire golf industry. From the Ti100 (golf’s first mass-production titanium driver), the Masters winning T-ZOID, MP-001 with composite crown, and the MP-600 with sliding weights – Mizuno has introduced many metal wood technologies widely adopted by the industry. How many of these models have you tried or owned?

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