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Home Chunder Down Under Behind the scenes at the PGA Championship

There are some championships when you wake-up in the morning and pinch yourself to check that you're actually going to work in what is arguably one of the best jobs in the world - a sports photojournalist.

There are other mornings where you simply cannot wait for the event to finish so you can get home, don your favourite pair of pants and have a quite few bevies on the balcony away from everything.

Irrespective of your mood swings, there's always an element of "hype" and anticipation about covering the US PGA Championship.

For starters we're all treated like kings and well looked after. From the moment you arrive at the media hotel for registration on the Tuesday and until when you leave on the following Monday, there's constant pampering and the endless number of volunteers to ensure your stay is the best it can be. READ MORE >>>