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Web Street Golf Daily Pulse
VOLUME 7, NUMBER 221                                                       
Friday, November 10, 2017

ANY IDEA WHO SAID THIS? “We used to get appearance money in some tournaments in the past. One of the funniest ones is we're going to pay your disappearance money, so we're passing the hat around. I said, well, you've got to up that a little bit if you want me to disappear. I haven't seen a big enough check for disappearance money.”

BRAIN TEASER: He was the 2013-14 PGA TOUR Rookie of the Year and in his first three starts of the 2017-18 PGA TOUR Season, his worst finish is a T4. Who is he?

WILD CARD? For those that scour the Internet on all things golf, it isn’t a surprise to know Titleist is testing a new ball with consumers. The AVS has been sent to three states in what can safely be concluded as a test run. Titleist hasn’t talked about the AVS and its unknown whether the product will be released nationally. However, on its conference call with Wall Street this week, David Maher, Acushnet COO shared some details on the mysterious ball.

“We are testing in three markets, Florida, Arizona, California. The AVX is a ball built on the Pro V1 chassis. Its cast urethane construction similar to Pro V1, soft lower skin, it will be longer for many golfers,” he explained. “So we are very intrigued by this product. We see it as an interesting scoring solution for golfers in addition to Pro V1 and Pro V1x.
So rather than launch it blindly, we decided to do a test market in the third aforementioned markers. I’ll say it’s gone well, we are month in, but really we are cautious about reading too much into the early data. We didn’t put a whole lot of product in the market place number one. Anytime you put something new out there you are going to get a lift. So while we are pleased with the early response, we do want to get a better handle of golfer for feedback, what are they are telling us about this project, what products are they coming from, is it one of our products? Is it a competitive product and I think we are going to learn a whole lot more over the course of the next six to eight weeks as we get a better sense for repeat purchases. So that’s the essence of the test market.

“What will happen from here is by the end of the year we are going to have to make a decision as to where we go with this and you know from a launch standpoint if we decide to move forward nationally, obviously there is a whole lot of production activity that needs to happen to support what would likely be some type of Q2 launch, albeit on a finite basis due to simple supply realities, but we really like the product, number one. It’s off to a good but as expected start in the market. We still have a lot more learning to do and again, I think by end of the year we will have a good sense for where do we want to go with this gold ball.”

One person believes that Titleist will introduce the AVS ball to the masses in 2018. Casey Alexander of Compass Point wrote to investors, “We believe that not only will GOLF (Acushnet) undertake the global launch of the new AVX ball, but that they have to. The trial launch of the ball is on the shelves in FL, CA and AZ. We simply see no circumstances where GOLF would not launch the ball globally. Why? Because it kills two competitive birds with one stone. As a premium lower compression offering, it a) reduces the impact of the competition in the Performance ball segment by increasing asp's (average selling prices) across the golf ball platform; and b) strikes directly at the lower compression franchise of the #2 market share competitor (Callaway). Since this premium ball launch will be off the traditional premium ball launch window of 4Q18, we are adding $20M in 2Q18 (revenues) to account for the launch.”

FOLLOW THE MONEY: Giles Morgan, one of the most important men in golf because of the amount of sponsorship money he directed into the game and the influence he held within it as a result, has left HSBC, he confirmed to Global Golf Post. Morgan, 46, had been head of global sponsorship strategy at HSBC, one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations, for 12 years. As such he was the man behind his company’s commitment to events such as the WGC-HSBC Champions, recently held in Shanghai, China; the HSBC Women’s Champions event held in Singapore last March; and the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship, staged in the Middle East last January. HSBC was also one of the patrons of the Open Championship. READ MORE>>>

CITY BY THE BAY: The PGA of America announced The Olympic Club in San Francisco will host the 2028 PGA Championship and the 2032 Ryder Cup. “This is a special moment for our Association, to return the PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup to the West Coast,” said PGA of America President Paul Levy. “We’re excited to showcase The Olympic Club and its Lake Course, and combine them with the many tastes, sights and sounds that make San Francisco and the Bay Area so distinct.”

“Our membership is elated to host the PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup, two more gems that add to the rich multi-sport history of America’s oldest athletic club,” said Dan Dillon, President of The Olympic Club, which was founded in 1860. “Our collective anticipation for these signature events has already begun as we look forward to again welcoming golf’s finest players to the famed Lake Course. I also want to thank the PGA of America for this opportunity, their partnership and service to the game of golf.”

According to a report out of San Francisco Chronicle, the Olympic Club could earn a projected $15 million from hosting the Ryder Cup and PGA Championship, according to one source. Another U.S. Open probably would have generated between $2 million and $3 million. READ MORE>>>


ONLY WAY IS FORWARD: "I can't. My knee is trashed from all those years of playing that way. I've had four operations on my knee. Forget when my back was bad; pre-surgery and pre-back problems, people were saying the same thing: 'Why don't you go back to 2000?' I can't; my knee's trashed from playing that way, I can't do that anymore. I have to look for a different way." READ MORE>>>

INTERESTED? Looking for a chance to be a part of the Masters Tournament and earn some money at the same time? Augusta National Golf Club is now accepting applications for a variety of job openings for the 2018 Masters, which will be held April 5-8. READ MORE>>>

ANSWERS: “We used to get appearance money in some tournaments in the past. One of the funniest ones is we're going to pay your disappearance money, so we're passing the hat around. I said, well, you've got to up that a little bit if you want me to disappear. I haven't seen a big enough check for disappearance money.”--Bernhard Langer, winner of the first two Charles Schwab Cup Playoff events and has led the Schwab Cup standings 23 of 25 weeks this season.

Chesson Hadley was the 2013-14 PGA TOUR Rookie of the Year and top candidate for 2017 Tour Player of the Year. In first three starts of the 2017-18 PGA TOUR Season, finished T3/Safeway Open, 2nd/Sanderson Farms Championship and T4/Shriners Hospitals for Children Open.