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Web Street Golf Daily Pulse
VOLUME 8, NUMBER 180                                                       
Friday, September 14, 2018

ANY IDEA WHO SAID THIS? “The game is not very different. But a result, when you’re in a results-driven industry, means so much. Sometimes you’ve got to fool yourself: ‘It’s about the process, it’s the process, the process.’ Well, after like six months, the process needs to yield some results. I was at that point. I needed a result. I’m still about winning. But competing is also part of the result.”

BRAIN TEASER: Brooks Koepka won the 2018 U.S. Open by one shot. This player shot a final round score of 63 at Shinnecock to lose by one. Can you name him?

ITS JUST BUSINESS: Ironically when golf retailers are discounting items in advance of next year, the new product train continues to roll along. As the recreational playing season is nearly over for most consumers worldwide, some manufacturers are already pulling the curtain back for 2019.

Part of COBRA Golf’s strategy for next year is lighter is better. The company, which boasts an interesting Tour staff with fan favorite Rickie Fowler and Bryson DeChambeau, currently ranked 8th in the world moving up from 99th at the end of 2017, has introduced its lightest drivers and fairways ever. The intent is that lighter translates into faster for players through more club speed and therefore distance.

cobrafmaxThe COBRA Golf F-MAX Superlite Drivers are re-engineered with a 6-gram lighter clubhead, the company reported, while maintaining an MOI of greater than 5,000.  Additionally, a 5-gram lighter shaft, and a 7-gram lighter grip design yield 18 grams in weight-savings, bringing the total overall weight to 287 grams. COBRA’s new F-MAX Superlight Fairways boast the same weight-saving considerations as the driver, but feature a low profile, shallow face design. 

“We are very excited about this driver; we’ve been able to engineer an incredibly forgiving, powerful club and keep the overall clubhead weight to less than 300 grams,” said Tom Olsavsky, Vice President of R&D for COBRA Golf.  “The F-MAX Superlite Driver will be the perfect solution for players who need the added speed of lightweight design without sacrificing forgiveness; those that will benefit from having a club that allows them to maximize their swing speed and launch angle.” 

The Men’s F-MAX Superlite Driver ($299) comes in a black/red colorway. The F-MAX Superlite Fairways ($199) have Superlite shafts (55-gram in stiff and regular flex, and 50-gram in lite flex). The F-MAX Superlite Drivers and Fairways are available beginning October 5, 2018 in store and at

cobrahybridsThe company has also extended the platform to include hybrids and irons. The COBRA Golf F-MAX Superlite Irons feature re-engineered clubheads that are 4-grams lighter yet maintains the same high MOI, according to the company. A 5-gram lighter shaft and a 7-gram lighter grip design, contribute another 16 grams in weight-savings for faster club and ball speed for golfers with moderate swing speeds.

“Building off of the success of our original F-MAX lightweight design, we’ve reengineered Superlite to be our lightest, fastest and most forgiving game improvement clubs ever. Any player with a moderate swing speed will benefit from the design innovations in this product line,” said Olsavsky.

The COBRA GOLF F-MAX Superlite Irons are available in a variety of set options. Men’s Steel Irons ($599),  Graphite Combo Set ($699), Women’s Graphite Combo Set ($699)

The men’s and women’s F-MAX Superlite Hybrids featured in the combo sets are also available to purchase as stand-alone options as well.  The F-MAX Superlite Hybrids utilize COBRA’s lightest clubhead, grip and shaft designs in addition to the following game-enhancing technologies:

The F-MAX Superlite Irons and Hybrids are available beginning October 5, 2018 in store and at

NEXT YEAR, THIS YEAR: Golf’s new Rules have been published by the USGA and The R&A ahead of their effective date on Jan. 1, 2019. A new Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf is being introduced to provide a shorter, more user-friendly version of the Rules at all levels of the game. This version, which will serve as the primary publication features: 

•        10 simplified topical groupings
•        A “Purpose of the Rule” description at the top of each Rule, to better define why the Rule exists
•        Easy-to-follow, full-color diagrams and charts to aid in understanding
•        A simpler, more direct writing style

Two million copies of the Player's Edition will be distributed in the United States and its territories and Mexico by the USGA and a similar number by The R&A in its respective governance jurisdiction. The Player's Edition is being launched alongside the modernized full Rules of Golf book, which includes some of the most significant changes made to the Rules in more than 60 years.

"From the project's inception, our one goal was to make the Rules easier to understand and apply for all golfers," said Thomas Pagel, senior managing director, Governance for the USGA. "It sets a new standard in the way we write and interpret the Rules and is central to our efforts to ensure a healthy future for golf. We look forward to continuing that process in the years to come."

David Rickman, executive director – Governance at The R&A, added, "This is the biggest set of changes to the Rules in a generation and a major step forward in our efforts to make the Rules, and the sport itself, more accessible and more in tune with the way the modern sport is played."

A new Official Guide to the Rules of Golf is also available in digital format via website and official apps with a printed version to be released in November. Designed for golf administrators and club officials, the Guide features Interpretations on specific Rules (which replace the current Decisions) and includes the first jointly-produced Committee Procedures document, providing practical guidance to Committees for running competitions and overseeing general play. 

Another key feature is the Modified Rules of Golf for Players with Disabilities. This document is released alongside the Rules of Golf and enables players with disabilities to play fairly with other players with the same or different types of disability and with those without disabilities. The Modified Rules were developed in close consultation with the community of players with disabilities and disability organizations.

All of the new books are available in digital formats online at and the official USGA Rules of Golf app, and through The R&A outside of the United States, Mexico and its territories. A range of explanatory videos and resources is available on both websites to enable all golfers to learn about the 2019 Rules. 

Extensive educational programs are being conducted around the world, with the assistance of national and regional associations, to ensure that golfers and administrators throughout amateur and professional golf are ready for the new Rules when they take effect on January 1st.
Some of the key changes in the new Rules include new procedures for dropping the ball when taking relief, the elimination or reduction of several penalties, relaxed putting green and bunker rules, and rules that encourage improved pace of play.

Golfers are reminded that the current Rules of Golf remain in effect for the remainder of 2018. The Rules of Amateur Status and the Rules of Equipment Standards were not part of the review process.


WE NEED A HERO: The head of France’s only golf major says hosting the Ryder Cup won’t help his country produce a star player. “We need a (French) champion, that’s all,” Riboud said. “I think we need a project for the young French player to show we are a champion in the next five years. We don’t have a golf culture, we have to build it.” Riboud is the long-time former chairman and chief executive of food giant Danone, which owns the Evian water brand. “Perhaps you are surprised,” Riboud said. “Because personally I think the Ryder Cup is not building or helping to reach the objective” of developing talent.” READ MORE>>>

DOES IT MATTER? American former teenage golf prodigy Tadd Fujikawa said he struggled for years hiding his true identity before publicly revealing that he is gay. READ MORE>>>

ANSWERS:  “The game is not very different. But a result, when you’re in a results-driven industry, means so much. Sometimes you’ve got to fool yourself: ‘It’s about the process, it’s the process, the process.’ Well, after like six months, the process needs to yield some results. I was at that point. I needed a result. I’m still about winning. But competing is also part of the result.”--Adam Scott, who is not in next week’s season ending TOUR Championship. The Aussie has missed the Tour Championship for the third time in the last four years

Brooks Koepka won the 2018 U.S. Open with an aggregate score of +1. He beat Tommy Fleetwood, who finished at +2 despite posting 63 in the final round.