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Have you ever wondered why one day your able to play better or worse than on another? Same player yet a different day, perhaps on a different course opens up a variety of possibilities for many recreational players. All too many times something within a round can derail a player’s confidence and optimism can defeat itself to frustration.
What separates someone from being a good player versus great? The difference can be a very fine line. According to PGA Tour member, Aaron Baddeley, the difference is explained in one word…belief. Its been said the game is often played between the ears, that its 90% mental and the other 10% is too. However, Baddeley has come up with a way for players to elevate their game, just as he has himself.
It is believed that the majority of research in neuroscience has occurred over the past decade, with more important discoveries occurring over that period of time than ever made before. Popular belief is that most golfers, and all athletes for that matter, never reach their potential because of self-made mental obstacles. But research shows that people do have the capacity to change. Negative thoughts and memories can be overcome through regular, ongoing, practiced mental rehearsal.
According to author John Assaraf, reconditioning the brain to believe differently, and positively, is possible. Assaraf stated in his book The Answer, “…the nonconscious mind cannot
distinguish the difference between an external experience conveyed to the brain through our
senses, and that same experience conveyed to the brain purely by our imagination.”
Most golfers simply don’t believe they can hit the ball to their desired target and, in turn, allow their minds to be cluttered with doubt. While many athletes have been working at visualization techniques for years, a practical tool hasn’t existed.
Phoenix, Arizona based seeitgolf is releasing Aaron
Baddeley: Putting. This downloadable video is
designed to “immerse the mind in perfection” through
a series of perfectly executed putts viewable from four
camera angles, including the point of view of the 2007
FBR Champion, Aaron Baddeley. “Using a tool that
shows you 100% success and shows you what you
want to achieve by actually seeing the desired result
and letting the mind always see that result is going
to make it a lot easier when you’re out on the golf
course. You’ll actually get the positive result
because you’ve already seen it,” he explained. “ I’d
say what’s happening is that you’re seeing the ball
go in the hole, so then all of a sudden now you start to expect to see the ball go in the hole when you’re putting. And that’s a big thing. If you start seeing it and then you start expecting it, all of a sudden the body reacts to what it sees and it sees the ball go in the hole, so you’re going to putt the ball in the hole. I mean it’s simple, but it’s very, very effective.” Baddeley practices what he preaches as he was able to move into the top 10 money list on the PGA Tour in '07, earning nearly $3,500,000.
Golf Digest “Top 10 Mental Expert” Dr. David L. Cook, founder of the “See it. Feel it. Trust it.” Philosophy and “Top 10 Instructor” Stan Utley, short game instructor to notable PGA golfers Rocco Mediate and Sergio Garcia, were advisors on the project. The training tool is set to an original score by and images removing a language barrier for any user. seeitgolf ’s initial product, Aaron Baddeley: Putting, can be downloaded to an iPod, iPhone, computer as well as other models of portable media players at for $29.99. The video was filmed with state-of-the-art Red cameras, capturing images 3x the quality of HD, runs a little over 15 minutes, which the company believes is long enough to be effective and short enough to be used before each round.