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Callaway Golf made its reputation throughout the years with its metal wood products. Big Bertha made a big hit with golfers back in her maiden days. Today, the company has successfully diversified its business and golfers are equally interested in a wide array of its product offerings. It may catch some people by surprise to find out that its iron business has become as large if not larger, depending on the period in question, than sales of its drivers and fairway woods. For example, in the second quarter of 2008, iron sales for Callaway were nearly $15 million higher than its metal woods business worldwide. Year-to-date, iron sales trail metal woods by $6 million, but the point of the exercise is the category represents a strong segment to complement its other products and revenue opportunities. Once you have a reputation, often times it becomes your calling card, but in Callaway’s case its business is more than just about drivers.
Callaway’s iron business, it said, has consistently ranked #1 in market share versus its peer group from 1997 to 2007, according to research published by Golf Datatech. Amongst the toughest audience to satisfy, consumers who vote with only after tax dollars, Callaway’s share has been double that of its next nearest competitor over the last 10 years. According to the company, the double-digit gap it has in market share is due in large part to the advent of its X Series of irons. First introduced in 1998 with the X-12, the succession of products bearing the name has clearly been a favorite with many golfers.
Callaway has introduced to its sales force the X-22 models which will be available starting on October 15th. “Due to the improvements we have made as a company in our supply chain in the past few years, we are able to for the first time have the X Series of irons ready for a Fall launch,” explained Jason Finley, Product Manager for Irons and Wedges at Callaway Golf. “We have enjoyed a lot of success over the years with our X irons and the Sun Belt regions will be some of the first to see the improvements we have made with the X-22.”
According to Finley, the latest addition to carry
the mantle in the X family of irons is more stable
than its predecessors. “Through our extensive
Research and Development and working with
our suppliers we have been able to move weight
to the perimeter and improve the MOI by 10%
than the X-20s. Where the X-22s have an
advantage versus the competition is in their feel,
just as the previous X irons had,” he added. The
DNA in the next generation of irons continues with
Precision Notch Weighting, a 360 degree Undercut,
the S2H2 with Modified Tru-Bore and Variable Face
Thickness Technology. “The main goal with the X-22
was to improve the aesthetics but be a little more bold
than we have been in the past,” Finley said. “They
have the same modified Tru-Bore that is in the Big Bertha iBrids,” he added.The new X-22 irons will be available starting October 15th. The MSRP for a set consisting of 3-PW is $880 with steel shafts and $1,120 for graphite. The company will also have a ladies set and a Tour model to complement the X-22.