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Golfers down under might soon be mistaken for insomniacs. It isn’t that they are afraid of the dark, rather one progressive club has found a way to extend the day in order for play. Night golf is coming to central Queensland with a purpose built short course at the revolutionary Reef Palms set to open for play in December.
Developing a night golf “package” at Zilzie Bay is part of a management plan to modernize the game and attract a new generation of enthusiasts.
“We are creating a rather unique golfing facility at Zilzie Bay,” explained innovative developer Chris Dadson. “Bringing the course alive after dark will be something special for everyone. This initiative addresses peoples’ busy lifestyles while providing the kind of accessibility that will broaden participation rates. Enjoy a round of golf after work in a beautiful setting like Zilzie Bay will be something to really look forward to.”
Workers at the course have spent months raising the 12-meter light masts and are now rigging the metal halide lamps. A single mast rises over every tee-box on the purpose built par-3 course and associated practice facilities. Others march down the fairway at intervals of 50 meters to the greens, where two more shed light for putting.
Zilzie Bay said it plans to keep the lights burning until 8 pm, extending play throughout the year by up to three hours a day. Tee off times are available from 5pm.