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One PGA Tour pro appears happy to be back in the swing of things. “So far, we have been relatively immune. A lot of industries are really gone for and in trouble the last three months,” commented Geoff Ogilvy after his first round at the Mercedes Championship. The 2006 U.S. Open Champ also recognizes that change is a constant in today’s world. “We have been bulletproof to this point, but who knows what's going on after 2009. But we seem quite safe here. I think most of the guys out here feel fairly fortunate that we are playing golf and not working in a bank.”
The Australian also acknowledged it times to earn a pay check to try and recapture what has eroded through the financial markets recently. “I’m sure everybody has lost money, all the time they have been sitting there watching it dwindle and losing money in the market. Everybody is happy to come back to work and start making money and have it go up instead of down again. I think everyone out here appreciates that we play golf and how lucky we are at the moment”
SIDENOTE: The Aussie earned a tidy $1.12 million to kick start his year in route to winning the Mercedes-Benz Championship.