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Its often been said that timing is everything in life. Perhaps the clarity surrounding those words grows over time. While these are not the best of times, economically speaking, companies are forging ahead in an attempt to uncover revenue opportunities. Participation rates in golf have been static for quite some time. For as many new people pick up the game there are those who have been documented to walk away from it, probably for good. Where this is most important, falls in the plus or minus column of sales gains or losses. The sand box within golf’s playground hasn’t expanded and might even be on the verge of contracting should the economy force some recreational players to play less in 2009 and make due with the clubs they have already.
One company is hoping to get around this
by cashing in using football to sell a golf
specific product. The Florida Gators
secured their second national
championship in three years by defeating
the Oklahoma Sooners 24-14 in the BCS
title game at Dolphin Stadium. Trion:Z
debuted the University of Florida Gators
Officially Licensed College Series Bracelets
in 2007. "The Gators have substantially
contributed to Trion:Z’s collegiate collection's
exponential growth," stated Bob Gotfredson, VP of Sales and Marketing, "Their national championship run is a result of hard work and commitment. We are lucky to have the Gators on the Trion:Z team."
Time will tell whether the BCS Champion Gators help to sell a few more bracelets to alumni or football fans. Its a novel approach and Trion:Z isn’t the first company or the last to employ it. There are those who have hoped on the “Green” bandwagon thinking it might be a tipping point in the decision making process.
Eagle One, a self proclaimed leader in recycled plastic lumber products has made Greenwood DLX commercially available. According to the company, it is a very low maintenance, high recycled content wood-like material made of 100% post consumer/post industrial materials. “A commitment to eco-friendly practices is based on understanding and awareness of serious threats to the environment and potential consequences to our future generations,” said Philip Thompson, President, Eagle One. “For over 16 years we have designed and manufactured products from the environmentally friendly 100% Greenwood recycled plastic lumber and we’re happy to give our customers more options with the new Greenwood DLX material.”
While this theme is nobel and its intentions are honorable, its really about capturing potential sales or creating awareness of the company and its products. While golf may be looking at having to try and find a way to create more from less, some are hoping to appeal to a common theme as a means to rise above the clutter.