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Rock n’ Roll is about attitude. Thumbing your nose up to the establishment. Being different. Acting up and more often than not getting away with it. The more outrageous the better as a means to gain attention. Perhaps no one knows this routine better than Alice Cooper. He wasn’t afraid to push the envelope (his name says it all) and then extend the line in the sand even more. So how is it that a self proclaimed villain on stage looks to an elder statesman in golf as someone cool? “He's Elvis,” Coop said referencing one music icon to the the King of Golf, Arnold Palmer.
“He's everybody's uncle. He's that uncle that would hand you five dollars and say don't tell your mom. Keep it down,” he continued. “He's the coolest guy, collar's up, cigarette, you know, he was, he was almost a Rat Pack guy when he first came up. And I was at that age when I kind of looked up to that. He was always sort of the swinging guy. I thought.”
Cooper who is enjoying a long career of his own, recognizes the Palmer mystic and sex appeal doesn’t age even if the King is no longer the man he once was. “Arnold has still maintained his cool. If you ask any kid out there, Arnold Palmer, they go, oh, yeah, he's cool. I don't know why there's certain guys from that era that relate to teenagers. For some reason there was a period of time there in the grunge rock where Tony Bennett was the biggest thing. Explain that one to me. I don't get that one at all. Then you realized he was the dad that they didn't have. He was the cool dad that they didn't have. And I went, oh, I understand that. I get it now. I think Arnold Palmer is kind of like that. He's the cool uncle that you never had.”