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Arnold Palmer has been known to run with a fast crowd of people over his lifetime. The King has rubbed shoulders with a president or two in his day and teed it up with the commander and chief, now and then, over his illustrious career. “I've had the good fortune to play golf with quite a few Presidents. Jerry Ford was good and he was a personal friend. Oh, you could almost name it from there. I think the man that I spent the most time with on the golf course and personally was President Eisenhower. I played a lot of golf with him, I played exhibitions with him for the Heart Fund, and after a number of years when he was told he shouldn't play golf any more, we used to just visit. I would go to his house and we would spend a couple hours in the afternoon just talking and maybe sipping on a beer or something like that. So he and I were, I would say, very close. He was one of my close friends,” Palmer shared.
The King, who had his own equipment company at one time and today is still a member of the Callaway Golf staff made a point to watch the swearing in of the 44th president of the United States and shared a few of his thoughts on the next leader of the country.
“I watched Obama take the oath and I watched most of his remarks. And I thought they were fine,” Palmer said. “I think he's starting out pretty good. He's got a pretty rough task in front of him. And I hope he can stick with it. I hope that he can go down the middle as he has indicated he might and get some things done. Those of us in the golf business are feeling a pretty radical affect on our business in the game. It doesn't matter whether it's selling equipment or whether it's building golf courses, or whether it's sponsoring golf tournaments.”