Irishman Padraig Harrington is sporting a new look
in 2009. Gone is the familiar Wilson name on the
front of his hat. Its been replaced by FTI. Who or
what is that? “It's FTI Consulting. It's financial
technical investigation, so mergers and
acquisitions, financial investigations,” Harrington
explained. “They're closing out Enron, they're
closing out the derivative positions for Lehman
Brothers. They're actually on both sides. They're
involved in, I think, most of the mergers over $50
million in the last four or five years, so mergers
and acquisitions are good for them as much as --
I don't think anybody likes liquidations and
insolvencies. They do investigation for the BALCO
case and things like that. They do corporate PR,
economic advice to governments, financial
investigation for mergers and acquisitions, and
also for insolvencies and liquidations.”
The Irishman is hoping he can continue to close the deal more than a few more times in 2009. Considering his performance in 2008, he has created a healthy standard in which to live up to...