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Perhaps the PGA Tour is the epitome of results orientated performance. Its either one of two scenarios, make money or else it costs a player to show up and be sent packing after missing a cut. Adjustments are part of life, perhaps no more so in today’s challenging economic world. Last week, in Scottsdale, wasn’t what Camilo Villegas envisioned for himself when he arrived at the FBR Open. “Well, I wasn't very proud of the way I missed the cut last week. I think I played better than I scored,” he said. “My short game wasn't very good, so I decided to show up early here (San Diego) and work hard on it. I spent a long time chipping at the TPI, at the Titleist Performance Institute, on Monday. We worked out also with my irons, just trying to get the right spin on all my clubs, and I think the work paid off,” he continued. His practice paid off with an opening round of 63. But he also made some changes to his equipment specs to help him improve upon his previous performance. He added a 63-degree wedge into his bag of weapons but with the addition meant a subtraction was in order.
“(Bob) Vokey does a great job with my wedges,” Villegas stated. “I put it in play maybe the first playoff event last year, might have been the second one, and I love it. There's some shots that I couldn't hit before, and this one I can really nip it. Playing with the greens and with the rough that we've been playing on Tour, it's obviously a good tool. But again, you've got to take one club out. What do you take out? It happened to be that I took out the 4-iron and just got the 3-iron one degree weaker. I got my 5-iron one degree stronger and just tried to close that gap a little bit.”