Tom Pernice Jr., has talked to Fred Couple it would appear and the two are teaming up in order to spread the word. The 26-year veteran and two-time winner on the PGA Tour, entered into a world-wide endorsement agreement with i2Telecom International, Inc. (ITUI: OTCBB ), to represent the company's MyGlobalTalk mobile phone products and services.
"We are extremely pleased to have Tom Pernice Jr. join already signed Fred Couples as the first two players that agreed to endorse MyGlobalTalk across a wide variety of venues - showcasing the cost-saving and user-friendly benefits of our technology to millions of potential customers," said Paul Arena, CEO of i2Telecom. "Golf is the perfect platform to introduce our technology as golfers tend to travel more than the general population, and so as a group, they are acutely aware of the value MyGlobalTalk represents."
MyGlobalTal is a downloadable program to any mobile smartphone. According to the company, it offers a savings of up to 94 percent on international phone calls. The software download is free, and the service is strictly pay-as-you-go, requiring no connection fees, no contracts, no call minimums or data plans.
"MyGlobalTalk allows me to stay in contact with all of the international friends I've made through my 20 plus years on Tour," said Pernice Jr. "It's was an easy decision to make and with the economy the way it is lately, saving money is the mind-set of almost everyone I know."