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Callaway Golf (ELY: NYSE) has enjoyed growth for an extended period of time in its accessories category. Both in terms of revenues in recent years, but also in the breath of its offerings. Callaway under the direction of CEO, George Fellows has branched out and leveraged its brand equity to go beyond simply clubs and balls. The Callaway name is now featured on range finders, golf bags, training aids, time pieces, eye wear and travel gear to name but a few. The company was built on the platform of technology and its using some of its inherent resources along with help from third parties to extend its reach beyond its traditional product roster.
In 2009, Callaway has added Hyperbolic Footwear to its product offerings. The company said it enlisted its in house R&D resources, devoted to the club side of its business, in the construction of the show. The bottom of the shoe, for example has a composite appearance, which was influenced by the involvement of its R&D department, company officials said. “This shoe keeps you low to the ground,” explained Johnny Rodriguez, senior manager of marketing for Callaway Golf footwear and accessories. “Its one of those shoes you sit in rather than sit on top of. There isn’t a lot of movement in it with your foot.”
Insole with Shock Heel absorbs impact for long lasting comfort, Callaway said, while Outlast Technology absorbs and releases excess body heat to create a pleasant and consistent micro-climate regardless of temperature conditions.