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It may be safe to say that Phil Mickelson is a Republican. President Obama ran a successful campaign based loosely on change. Meanwhile, the Arizona State alumni has decided he isn’t taking that route when it comes to his equipment. Prior to his play at Augusta, Mickelson revealed he has a new deal with the equipment company, Callaway Golf. “Actually we just did it this week, actually. We extended our relationship five more years,” he said. Mickelson said his decision was based on loyalty to the company and with what he has accomplished since being associated with the brand. “I just felt like in the last five years I have won my (three) Major championships, I have come closest to No. 1 in the rankings that I've ever been, I felt like Callaway's support staff and the engineers and technicians have been a big part of that.” Lefty also feels the best is yet to come and it factored into his decision. “And so you know, this is an important part of my career now, these next five years, and I felt like I needed to continue to be with what I perceive as the best equipment on the market,” he added. “I feel like right now I'm playing some of the best golf that I've ever played. I'm driving the ball better than I ever have. The last few years of changes with Butch have settled in to where I'm confident striking the ball. I feel very comfortable and confident in my game and in my equipment, and I feel like I'll be able to in the next five years achieve levels of play that I haven't achieved earlier in my career.
I don't want there to be any uncertainties. I want to continue down this path and see how far I can go.”