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As the 2009 Masters awaits, two of the front runners in the field have different ways that they prepare for the first major test of the year. “I like the Par 3 Tournament. I like the idea of going out there and hitting a few wedge shots. It's very important in the tournament, your wedge play, and I like the idea of, you know, the hype and the little bit of excitement. It gets you ready for the tournament,” said Padraig Harrington, who has won the event twice in the past. Meanwhile, his chief competition, other than himself, has a different method.
“I will likely skip the Par-3 Tournament on Wednesday,” Tiger Woods wrote on his web site. “I played in it about every year until 2005. You play a practice round in the morning, then sit around for your tee time. It just becomes a long day and takes away from your main preparation. I'm sure there will be a day when I come back and play, especially when Sam and Charlie get a little older and can caddie for me.”