Today’s economy doesn’t discriminate who it touches. While there are stories littered everywhere about the pain and suffering being experienced, its a rarity to discover something even remotely uplifting that can help keep one foot in front of the other. For most of his life, Greg Norman has let his clubs do the talking for him. Those who have followed his career are well acquainted with his accomplishments. But the Aussie has also made a
name for himself outside of golf. He has
successfully built a business empire, largely off of
his name and reputation that was created from
playing golf. He acknowledged the recession has
taken a bite out of his businesses too.
“In this tough financial climate, we all have been
hurt by it. There's no question about it. There's a lot
of pain on everybody's faces, but how do you deal
with it? And how you understand what the adversity
is and how you react to that adversity?,” the Great
White Shark said. “You can sit there and wallow
away in self-pity or you can get out there and figure
it out. In my business I've had to go in there and
figure it out. You have to stay ahead of the curve.
You have to understand what the situation is,
whether it's business, whether it's your love life, whether it's your golf life, whether it's just your private life.”
Norman sees a silver lining despite the storm clouds that continue to persist in the economy. “The good thing about this thing, if you look at the glass as half full, the bad times weed out the bad people, and when you come through it, all the good people are left standing and that gives you the strength and the ability to go forward. And it happens in sport and it happens in the financial world. It's how you react.”