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Ordinarily Tiger Woods in your field is what everybody wants. Well that tide may be turning be it slightly due to the economic conditions. Woods is scheduled to appear in November to play at the Australia Masters at Kingston Heath, located in Melbourne. The word down under is that the world’s #1 is getting an appearance fee of $3 million for his time in Oz. According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, golf officials and Woods’ management company IMG, are demanding a $3 million fee from the commercial networks for the broadcast rights to the event. For now all three in Australia are saying it's far too expensive. The sticky detail is that the event is being packaged as a three year deal even though Tiger is only on board for one of them.
"None of the stations have got the sort of money IMG are asking for. It would be good value with Tiger this November, but golf is hard work for advertising revenue, '' Channel Nine’s David Gyngell told the Daily Telegraph. The alternative, if the three Aussie networks maintain their position is golf fans will have to settle for coverage on pay-TV.
The Victorian Government is projecting that Woods’ visit down under will generate $19 million in economic benefits to the state, but it would appear the television stations don’t anticipate nearly the same amount of love from its sponsors. Since its all about numbers, for anyone interested the first place check for the Australian Masters is $270,000. Looks like Tiger has won another one even if he doesn’t post the lowest score in the field.