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Ian Poulter doesn’t run short in the confidence department. The Englishman acknowledged it might be his greatest asset in golf but he isn’t taking all of the credit for coming up with it on his own. “I think my dad, to be honest,” he said with respect to where he acquired it. “ It's not a case that he had to teach me it; it's just playing the sports that I played with my dad, I guess I've learned it off of him. I'm very, very similar to him in every sport that we play, and he's sort of engrained that in me,” Poulter said.
While a lot of children are inclined to deviate from parental behavior, Poulter said his is a modified version of his father’s. “I guess I'm a tame version of my dad, a realistic version,” he explained. “ It's a very stubborn way of looking at everything, and he is very stubborn, and I guess I've taken some of that, and I'm using it as confidence.”
Poulter managed to alter the behavioral pattern in order to improve and use it as a strength while on the golf course. “ It's just the will never to give up, really. I was very hit-and-miss, but I've learned to try and use confidence in a slightly different way and to never give up. It was all or nothing, where now I think I'm a more consistent player and I understand myself a bit more and I understand when to attack and when to kind of back off,” he explained. “I've instilled some of that confidence to think you can achieve anything.”