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Its been said many times by many different people that we only rent a golf swing, we never completely own it. Debate over that statement is healthy, but some supporting evidence (open for debate as well) came from none other than the best player in the world. Prior to the start of the Memorial, Tiger Woods decided he needed to make some equipment adjustments to compensate for his swing. “I went with a little more loft, 10 degrees,” the world’s # 1 player said about his driver. “My release has changed over time with Hank, I needed a little more loft to get the ball in the air. Still hitting it just as far but probably a different way.” The early results clearly affirm Woods’ decision with the help of Nike, his equipment company. In the first round, he hit 13 out of 14 fairways in regulation at the course that Jack built.
The added loft of .5 degrees may not sound like much of an adjustment, but Woods explained why he felt the need to do it. “I don't have all my length back,” he said. “It's getting better each and every week. My speed is coming back. My power's coming back. It's taken a lot longer than I thought it would, but then again, most people that play other sports take two years to come back.”
Read into this what you will but keep in mind that in two weeks is the US Open and a return to Bethpage Black, which happens to have a par 5 (#4 is 517) that's shorter than a par 4 (#7 is 525). The venue was the backdrop to the national open in 2002 and it was considered a brute in part to its set up but also its distance.
“That was the first year we actually had to tee off at the 10th tee, a two-tee start. I remember getting out there and DiMarco didn't carry it all the way to the fairways, 240 or whatever it was, but it was cold,” said Woods. “He obviously wasn't very happy. It wasn't fair. A lot of guys were trying to -- I remember Corey trying to hit the runway, the walkway. A couple of guys had to layup on 12 to the right, just play like an iron. Some kind of fairway wood that could wedge the green. Had to play it that way because you couldn't carry the bunker,” Woods recalled about two holes that clearly have left a lasting first impression. It doesn’t require a stretch of the imagination to see why the increase in loft came about. Then again Woods is coming off an injury and is a few years older than the last time he was successful winning the US Open in Long Island, NY. Again further fuel to the argument that everyone’s swing is on loan...