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Its natural to think that golf, if not everything, comes somewhat easily to the world’s best player. But by his own acknowledgment he is a self made man. As a kid, his parents didn’t give him the money needed to pay for his golf. Those days are in the rear view mirror as anyone in the golf industry would gladly welcome Woods to their facility with open arms and never ask for a penny. Long before he signed his first endorsement deal with Nike, Woods learned the art of his craft while at the same time what it took to make a buck. As a kid he would ask strangers if they wanted to putt for money. “I used to come along with a pocket full of quarters,” Woods said recalling part of his childhood. “I couldn't see over the counter. The guy would stick his head out over. I'd pay my money. Usually from my earnings the day before. Putting green. That's usually how I kind of got my greens fee,” he explained. This was about to end for him, however.
“My dad got real frustrated that I kept coming home with a pocketful of quarters,” he continued, “So he said, no more playing for quarters.” But Woods didn’t let that get in his way. “Next day I came home. I grew up at Hartwell. It's a par 3 course. We had a skins game that afternoon. I came home with a pocketful of dollars.” While he had obeyed his dad’s request, he also knew he was splitting hairs on the message being sent and this time it was more direct. “Basically, he said no more gambling.” Suffice is to say, Woods no longer has to worry about his greens fees or for that matter hustling for a few dollars either. Just in case you were wondering he picked up a cool $1 million after his amazing win at The Memorial.