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The US Open is often considered by those who play in it as the hardest test of all in golf. The national championship certainly has its trademarks. Long rough, firm greens and tight fairways are but a few. However, is there such a thing as a prototypical player who’s game is best suited to these demands? “ If you picked your prototypical U.S. Open player out of the field with the old school of thought, it would be Jim Furyk, lots of fairways, great short game, great grinder, never going to talk himself out of it; a Nick Faldo type of player, lots of fairways, lots of greens, good short games, good grinding,” Geoff Ogilvy offered. “ But now look at the different guys that win them. Tiger's not the straightest. I'm not the straightest. Cabrera's not the straightest,” he added. “ Greg Norman would be a classic, great U.S. Open player because he drives it so long and so straight. Rocco and Tiger, you couldn't get two guys at the other end of the spectrum last year and they were the two best players in the field. The setup's become more democratic.”
The Aussie offered further insight into this year’s venue as to the type of player that could be victorious. “ Here is obviously tending to favor the longer hitters. The good wedge players might thrive in a place like this, which would be counterintuitive because it's really long. You can't say that there's anybody on this field that can't win, but it's going to be harder for them to win here than it would be, say, at Pinehurst where the ball rolls out and it's more about placing it around the course. I wouldn't say it counts out everybody, but it makes it a little difficult for a lot of guys. Every tournament is hard to win. This is one that's harder than most.”