Its been said many times throughout history when describing sports that its a game of inches. That is certainly the application in golf as the ball gets closer to the hole. A bounce here or there or a lip out when putting is an indication of how important the difference can truly be. However, it appears in the not too distant future that statement will be reduced even further as in perhaps millimeters.
The PGA Tour has decided it will continue on its original path towards implementing the rule change next year for grooves, set down by the USGA. There was growing chatter that the Tour policy board would recommend it be pushed back for a year since it is believed a majority of players are not prepared for the upcoming change. However, when push came to shove the policy board delivered the hot potato in the lap of the PGA Tour commissioner, Tim Finchem, “ The way the PGA Tour works is the Commissioner is authorized to manage competitions, and that includes the use of a condition of competition that's in the Rules of Golf,” Finchem explained.
“The board had a thorough discussion of the issue and did not take action, which by default means that it is left up to the Commissioner and staff to make the decision. I had come to a conclusion as to that decision, and I made that clear to the board, and they nevertheless left it up to me to move forward, and that's what I am relating to players today.”
Despite opposition from some players and equipment manufacturers, the dye is cast and starting on January 1, 2010, Tour players will be swapping out their irons, like it or not. Most recently, Karsten Manufacturing, which builds Ping products was outspoken on the topic.
Chairman & CEO John Solheim, who has adamantly opposed the USGA