Tour players as well as wannabes are on notice that starting next year the rules are changing. The most notable player on the planet, that being Tiger Woods, isn’t concerned with what he and his peer group will be facing in six months time. “I think it's great,” Woods said prior to the start of his AT&T event. “We've had plenty of time to make our adjustments. We've known for over a couple years now what this decision was going to be, when it was going to come down, and we've had plenty of time to make our adjustments. All the companies have been testing and getting ready for this, and the guys will make the changes. It'll be interesting seeing guys catching flyers and not being able to spin the ball back out of the rough. Their decision is how they play par-5s whether they will they try and drive drivable par 4s now. Short-siding yourself is obviously going to pay a little more of a price, and you know, how many more 64-degree wedges you're going to see with the balls being as firm as they are. Are guys going to start going to a spinner ball.”
As far as adjustments or advantages once the new groove rule goes into effect, Woods said, “I think it'll be an advantage to the guys who play spin golf ball already. Guys who play harder ball are going to have to make a bigger adjustment to the grooves and there are few guys who play a softer ball, and I do play a pretty softball, and I'll have to make less of an adjustment than most.”