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If your the type of person who has a hard time resisting deals, then you might want to stop reading! Callaway Golf is running a promotion that offers its FT-iQ driver for FREE. Originally introduced in December 2008 at the suggested retail price of $499, it now is available for zippo for anyone who is willing to buy a set of the company’s FT-i-brids or FT irons. Neither of these in their own right are going to be classified as value prices, but with the FT-iQ driver thrown in, it does make it a little more compelling, especially if your someone is partial to the Callaway brand. The deal is available at Callaway’s online retail site or at retail sites such as Edwin Watts.
With the economy currently idling in neutral, the golf industry is having its own trial and tribulations. Earlier this week Nike Golf dropped the price of its STR8-FIT DYMO AND DYMO2 drivers and is even offering two dozen of its Tour One golf balls for $60. They are listed at $45 for those who only want to buy a dozen at a time.
Even though the calendar recently turned to summer, golf is a seasonal business. Therefore these deals are likely temporary. But as 2009 has already shown, its anything but business as usual...