Its been said the best things in life are free. Kenny Perry knows that is true. He acknowledged throughout his career that he has been very good tee to green. But its been the short stick that has let him down. That was up until two years ago. “I don't know if y'all know the story, a gentleman at my club in Vero Beach at Bent Pine, came up and handed me this putter and said, ‘You need to putt with this. I think it would really help you.’” Perry began.
“This old putter was all beat up Ping Craz-E, and it had a grip on it that was -- it had shreds on it. You can tell the guy just completely wore it out and he just didn't like it anymore. I don't know if he truly meant for it -- if he truly believed that. He just wanted something different for me,” he continued.
“And I said, ‘Sure, I'll take it.’ When he wasn't
looking I threw it in the trunk of my car, and I
went back to all of my other stuff. I was putting
poorly, so I said, Hey, I'll give this putter a try. I
put a grip on it, and next thing you know I win
three tournaments, the Ryder Cup, the Shark
Shootout, and then two tournaments this year,”
he said.
“So we're at Bent Pine, and I'm at the snack
shack there, I'm inside the clubhouse, and I see
this Styrofoam container that's got a sandwich
and chips in it, and it's got Paul Hargarten name
on it. I told the ladies, ‘Put this on my tab here,’
and I wrote on it, I said, ‘Paul, now we're even.’
So it's sitting right there on the table, and I'm
hiding over there in the corner. He comes in,
he picks it up, and he's just kind of looking at it,
and he's looking around and he sees me over in
the corner. He comes over to me, and he holds it right in front of me, and he says, ‘Now, does this look like $5 million?’ So I said, I don't know how to answer that one, but you're right,” Perry continued.
“It's been pretty amazing what I've done with that putter,” Perry, who is a full fledge TaylorMade staff player said. “My game has really improved because of the putting. It's not been the ball-striking. My ball-striking has always been consistent from year in and year out.”
As far as the gift that Perry parlayed into millions of dollars, he found a way to repay his friend aside from covering a lunch. “ When you win using a Ping putter you get a replica in gold,” Perry explained. “I went down to the club where we had a Paul Hargarten Day, and I presented him with one of the gold putters.”