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Despite coming ever so close to winning the Open Championship at age 59, Tom Watson wouldn’t mind a chance to sit on top of another perch. “ If I were commissioner for a day or if were commissioner for ten years, I would do three things; I would roll the golf ball back 10 percent,” he began. “ The golf ball, we've exceeded the distance it should be going. I'd get rid of square grooves, and they're going to do that in the States. And the other thing is I would reduce the size of the head of the driver, say you can't have it 460; you can have it 240 or 250, and that's it.”
Watson captured the attention of the golf world on the Ailsa Course at Turnberry, last week, which over looks its namesake Ailsa Craig located to the west it. His game from tee to green looked as if it hadn’t skipped a beat over the 72-hole competition. His experience, especially on links golf, appeared to give him an edge heading into the play off. When he went around Turnberry back in 1977 to claim the Claret Jug his clubs looked a little different than they did in 2009. “Has anybody here taken an old persimmon head driver and hit it recently?” the five time Open Champion asked. “I couldn't hit the sweet spot if it saved my butt. No way I could hit the sweet spot. They have that big old thing and you swing it as hard as you can, and if you miss hit it off center it still goes out there. It makes you sloppy,” he stated. “The big-headed clubs make you a little sloppy. That's what I would do. But is it going to be done? No. Square grooves, yes. But rolling back the golf ball, probably not. And the big-headed driver, probably not.”

Turnberry will be the last Open Championship where square grooves are in play and a year from now will be the first time anyone will see how much of a difference it makes towards scoring. One person who is looking forward to St. Andrews, host to the 2010 event is last year’s surprise dark horse, Greg Norman. “ I really think St. Andrews, the way it played a couple of years ago, suits any player, especially with the new groove technology coming in next year,” the Great White Shark said. “ I think the younger generation have never experienced it, don't have a clue what is going to happen to their game. They better start making the adjustment very early on before January comes here. When you go to a British Open style where you can't spin the ball as much, the whole game of golf is different. So I actually look forward to it.” Watson echoed his feelings, “ It's going to be interesting to see how the square grooves work.” In the meantime Watson let his clubs speak for him at Turnberry. It will be interesting to see what effect the new groove policy will have next year at St. Andrews...