Scotty Cameron will soon be sporting a new look. It won’t
exactly be classified as a makeover or for that matter a nip
and tuck, which can often be spotted in the Golden State,
where the Cameron Studios are occupied. However, it does
in somewhat of an eccentric manner reflect the bronzed
Adonis's that frequent the beaches of California. But one
quick look at the names of the four new models: Coronado,
Sonoma, Monterey and Del Mar, dispels that notion. These
locations will never rival Muscle Beach as they represent the
high end of the California economy, which is also where
Cameron’s putter resides. The names also represent a
departure from using numbers to differentiate the models.
The new collection of Scotty Cameron California Putters
features the best of classic design and modern weighting. But
what fans will notice immediately is a departure from the silver finish that has been the trademark of the Studio Select putters, Cameron produces. The revised Select line features a “honey dipped” bronze finish, ala the tanned
skin of Californians. The bronzing process used in the new
look is actually baked and burned 303-milled steel and not a
plated finish for those who are inquisitive towards how the
outward appearance is achieved. According to the company,
the putters will never rust due to this process.
The models vary in shaft length (33”, 34”, 35”) as well as
head weights that correspond to each. For those players who
prefer a beefier feel, custom heavy versions are available
upon request. The putters are pre-set at 10 grams in the 35”
shaft, 15 grams in the 34” and 20 grams in the 33”. Players
can request to have the heavier weight screws, for example
20 grams in the 34” shaft or 5 grams in the 35”.
Here is something rabid fans of Scotty Cameron will be interested in. Cameron himself will engrave the first 500 putters that are made of
each model. These will be sold as limited edition, collector
items. The quantity is split, as 270 will be made available on
a first come, first serve in the US, while the remaining 230 are internationally bound.
The California line also has a black Cameron Tour grip with
dancing logo along with an art of putting shaftband and
headcover. The first order/ship date for the putters will be
October 15th and they will carry a manufacturer’s suggested
retail price of $325. The limited edition (first 500) will go for a
MSRP of $429.
While the new look of the California Series will certainly stand out, especially when it appears on the Tour, Scotty Cameron has also made some changes to its Studio Select line up. Three models have been deleted (Newport 1.5, Newport 2.7 and Fastback1) and replaced with the Newport 2.5 (a Newport 2 body with a flow neck), Squareback 2 (with a plumbing neck) and a Fastback 1.5 (which has a flare neck). According to the company, the changes are intended to keep the line looking fresh and staying along the lines of what’s popular on the Tour. The new models are available in stock 33”, 34”, 35”, custom 34”H and 35”H shafts. Each will carry a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $325 and the first order/ship date will also be on October 15th.