With the rumblings of the economy sounding either like a death roll to some ears or an empty stomach in dire need of food, golf is making its annual migration towards new product launches. While it remains to be seen what the future holds, golf consumers can expect to see a wealth of product offerings coming forward from all equipment companies as the promise of new remains as vibrant today as it ever has, especially in the minds of manufacturers.
Cobra Golf has two new sets of irons that
will debut at retail starting next month. The
new S2 irons, multi-material in composition,
promise improved accuracy, distance and
forgiveness than previous offerings from the
company. A new cavity design optimizes
heel-toe weighting, while a lightweight
polymer materials allow discretionary weight
to be pushed in the heel and toe for greater
moment of inertia or resistance to twisting.
The added length found in the S2 is
accomplished by stronger lofts of one or two
degrees depending on the individual iron as
well as shaft lengths that are quarter of an
inch longer than before. “This was done
through testing to see how strong we can
make these lofts for longer distance but still
maintain forgiveness with a nice high playable trajectory,” said Tom Preece, Vice President, Cobra Club Research& Development. Through the company’s custom options, consumers can also request loft be increased or decreased by up to 2 degrees. Lie angles can also be modified by a plus or minus 3 degrees, which offers those who are fanatical about distance some choices in seeking the most they can get out of their clubs.
“We have been able with the step sole design to keep the center of gravity at or below previous generation products so you can still get the launch nice and high,” Preece added. According to Preece, the S2 has a higher moment of inertia than was found in Cobra’s S9 iron.
Cobra believes the product will appeal to the
6+ handicap player who are seeking greater
accuracy and or appreciate a superior feel in
an iron. “This has the attributes of a super
game improvement wide sole iron, but the turf
interaction that a better player would really like,”
said Preece.
“The new Cobra S2 Irons provide incredible
all around performance,” said Brian Zender,
General Manager of Cobra Golf. “With these
irons we’ve built on our heritage of offering
technologically advanced game enhancing
clubs with exceptional value. Golfers of all
abilities will be drawn to the Cobra S2 Irons
for their accuracy, distance, forgiveness and
sleek, confidence inspiring profile.”
If the S2 model doesn’t catch your eye,
Cobra also has the S2 Forged Irons. Frankly,
the audience for forging is small but it is eye catching to many players. Cobra is clearly looking to attract better players, which this is especially targeted towards and the S2 Forging will help generate interest much like Callaway found when it began introducing a forged set to its game improvement line up. According to Preece, the MOI is 12-15% higher versus similar competitors products. Cobra believes it has created the longest and most forgiving forged iron with the creation of the S2 Forged set.
J.B. Holmes has incorporated the S2 Forged 3-iron in his bag, Cobra said and used a 2-iron at the Open. “The S2 Forged Irons will attract better players seeking superior control, distance and feel in a Tour-inspired shape,” Zender said.
The S2 Irons are available in men’s graphite (Aldila DVS-2 is the stock choice) shafts and in steel (Nippon NS Pro 1030H) with the standard set being 4-PW, GW. Women’s and Senior sets are also available (5-PW, GW, SW). The suggested retail price is $744 in steel (expect to see it for around $599 at retail) and $872 in graphite ($699).
The S2 Forged Irons (3-PW) feature a lightweight Nippon NS 1030 Tour shaft and begin shipping September 1, with a suggested retail price of $985. Minimum advertised pricing for it is expected at $799.