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The playoff system for golf is still a work in progress. While its only three years old, it is still under the microscope for some in the media. For instance, Tiger Woods could win the first three events of the FedEx Cup and still not be the ultimate victor. It would also mean, under this hypothetical that Woods would have won eight times in 2009, yet not captured the season ending playoff. There are some who have a problem with that.
However, leave it to someone like Paul Goydos to offer those detractors a real world explanation.
“ I've had that conversation with a number of different players and people, and it's the same answer: Is it okay that the New York Giants won the Super Bowl two years ago?” he began. “One team went undefeated and one team had two or three losses; is that okay? Who is the champion of the NFL? The New York Giants, not the New England Patriots.” Point taken and while no system in place is perfect, perhaps in part that is the allure of the playoffs in general.
“I think that if they get a scenario where somebody wins the first three events and finishes second in the fourth event but the guy who is fifth in the points events wins the FedExCup, I think you'll have something to write about, but in my opinion, the more you guys write about it, the better it is for us anyways,” he added. “Controversy in a sense is what draws people's attention. It's not going to be a perfect system no matter what they do. This one is pretty good.” Anymore questions???