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Under no circumstances does the number five represent anything good on a scorecard, especially for professional golfers. TaylorMade is looking to change that way of thinking. Penta TP is the first tour ball, TaylorMade said, with five solid-layer construction. The five layers include the core, inner, middle and outer mantles (sorry there is no Mickey to go with it) along with the cover. TaylorMade said each one plays a critical role in optimizing the performance.
TaylorMade’s spin is the Urethane Cover, which the company describes as soft promotes a higher than average spin-rate on shots within 100 yards of the flag. The Outer Mantle is the fastest mantle in the ball; it said, because it's positioned just beneath the cover and it's easily compressed by slower swingers (ball speeds 120 mph and below, it defined), helping to generate higher ball speed for increased distance.
The Middle Mantle, which surrounds the Inner Mantle, consists of a fast material, allowing medium-slow swingers (defined by TMaG as an average from 120 to 140 mph in ball speed) to generate more speed and distance, as they will compress only the two outermost mantles underneath the cover.
The Inner Mantle, which surrounds the core, also consists of a fast, yet indescribable material in TMaG’s words, which is suppose to help players who average from 140 to 160 mph in ball speed. The company line is that even though players that don't swing fast enough to activate the core, will be able to activate the three layers between the core and cover including the inner mantle, which will make a difference for them.
And then underneath all those layers is the core, which TMaG describes as being “very fast, extremely soft,” and representing a “ low-compression.” For those players who can generate fast ball speed -- in the 140 to 180 mph range -- this is suppose to generate even more ball speed, even though the USGA has a rule in place that limits the initial velocity a ball can travel and if you think past models don’t already brush up to the limits, then think again. If the technology story hasn’t put a glazed look on your face yet, this might be the added touch to do so.
Penta TP also incorporates TaylorMade's LDP technology, which uses improved aerodynamics to promote increased lift to keep the ball in the air longer (doesn’t the spin rate come into play here, just asking....) for more distance on the most common types of driver mis-hits, which occur on the top half of the clubface, according to the company.
In the TaylorMade press material, this might be the hardest thing of all to swallow. “Penta TP was created for our tour pros, yet it's a great ball for every level of player.” So for all those weekend warriors out there, there is still hope you can make the ball perform like Sergio Garcia and Retief Goosen or Y.E. Yang, Justin Rose and Jason Day, which the company said have all switched to using the product.
The world is certain to change once the Penta TP becomes available and that means starting on December 1, 2009 in the Sunbelt states and February 15, 2010 for everyone else in the country. The retail price for a dozen of these magical pills is $45.99.