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The rules in the golf industry are changing. New product introductions, once upon a time were kept under lock and key. Manufacturers carefully and painstakingly orchestrated even the smallest of details. First
impressions after all are powerful. Equipment
companies are acutely sensitive if something
leaks out prematurely. In short they control the
strings to the curtain that is pulled back to
unveil the next innovative widget. Well, with the
advent of the Internet and a world consumed
with 24/7 reporting, the word gets out a lot
faster than ever before, both good and bad
(ask Serena Williams or Roger Federer if you
don’t believe me).
One golf company that enjoys a strong
reputation for its marketing acumen is Nike
Golf. But a curious thing happened today that
takes the term sports marketing to a different
dimension. Paul Casey alerted his followers
through his Twitter account that he was in Fort
Worth, TX visiting his sponsor’s R&D facility.
The Englishman by way of Arizona State University, posted a few pics of a new Nike Victory Red driver that has yet to be formally introduced. Casey has been injured (rib) recently and hasn’t been able to compete but it would appear he is making a contribution back to Nike’s efforts, be it this time in a different way.
The historical reason, equipment companies were sensitive towards new product leaks is the fear it would have an immediate influence at retail on sales of existing items. Its hard to know whether Casey made the information public on his own or was part of a bigger plan. Either way, the traditional way of doing business is history at least in this case(y)...