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Golf in the Olympics is likely to come with a price, according to one prominent investment analyst that has followed the golf industry for a many years. Casey Alexander, Special Situations Analyst for Gilford Securities, Inc., recently shared his thoughts on the topic with clients that shed some reality on what has been classified as an absolute victory for the golf industry. “From a golf purist standpoint, there can be no argument that golf is a global game and has long been entitled to a place in the Olympic Games. But we judge the benefits to be far less universal or evenly placed as most might think,” Alexander wrote in an opinion note to his firm’s clients. Its his belief that any upside for equipment companies in terms of revenues won’t be felt for several years. “It is highly doubtful that golf’s inclusion in the Olympics will make any tangible difference here in the U.S until the Games themselves are actually played. It will be around 2014 that various countries will start running trials to determine who their representatives will be for the games,” he wrote.
The consensus line of thinking is that golf ... to continue reading log into this wek’s issue.