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Its safe to say that value is the new playground. Whether its in golf or any other industry, consumers are expecting it as the recession has taken center stage. Value, however, is a term that represents a variety of meanings. Price is often the first application; however getting more for your dollar offers even greater widespread appeal. Cobra Golf has created that with its new ZL driver. It represents the company’s most innovative driver ever as it offers Advanced Multi-Material construction and Adjustable Flight Technology all in one product.
The ZL, which stands for Zero Limits, features a swing weight screw, which helps to shift the Center of Gravity (CG) toward the heel, to provide draw bias ball flight– while maintaining a square clubface alignment, Cobra said. In addition, Cobra’s exclusive Adjustable Flight Technology features an adjustable hosel that golfers can set to one of three face angles (O-open, N-neutral, C-closed) to provide a simple and quick way to optimize their preference for ball flight. To optimize ball speed and therefore distance, Cobra engineers utilized... To continue reading log into this week’s issue