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Its been said that change can be a good thing. The PGA Tour has been working on a few tweaks for next year but one of them might not be as significant as its been anticipated. D. A. Points shot an opening round five under par, 65, at the today in Scottsdale, AZ., but it was how he accomplished it that is the interesting part.
“This week, I went over to Ping on Tuesday here in Phoenix and I've been trying all Fall Series to get the new irons with the proper conforming grooves so that I could have the opportunity to play them in the Fall Series to be prepared for 2010,” he shared. “It's been a struggle. You know, USGA is not making it real clear how they want it, and club companies are trying to, you know, scoot the line of what's conforming and what's not,” he continued.
“Finally I got a set Tuesday afternoon late, and I played nine holes yesterday in the morning. I thought, Well, they seemed pretty similar to the ones I had before, so I just went ahead and threw them in (the bag),” he acknowledged. “Today I hit a lot of really, really quality iron shots. Lots of 7-irons that were in there, tied an 8-iron in there for a gimme. Just played real solid. I was excited to not see a big, big difference with the new groove.”
So a small data point from Points, that the impending groove change, isn’t necessarily going to affect everyone’s game next year.