Wilson Golf believes it has something that is appealing for low- to mid-swing speed players looking to improve distance while maintaining performance and precision. The D-FY technology is a combination of the distance iron technology at the heart of Wilson Staff's iron legacy and its FYbrid technology of distance gapping. The fully integrated eight-piece set is made up of a 19.5-degree FYbrid utility club and 4 hybrid, 5- and 6- super-wide sole mid irons with hollow core design, and 7i-PW perimeter-weighted cavity-back short irons. The D-FY iron combo set features a patent-pending shaft technology, a propriety co-cured half steel and half graphite shaft. "The fastest growing style of golfer is a player who benefits from a combo/hybrid set in the super-game improvement category," said Bob Thurman, global director of R&D. "To meet the needs of this player style, the D-FY combo set marries our distance iron technology to our FYbrid technology. This was accomplished by combining it with an extremely durable Half-and-Half shaft that allows players to get the best of both worlds while maximizing performance."
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