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Lee Westwood reported he has been working with the new grooves that he and others on the professional worldwide tours will be required to play starting next month. According to the Englishman, the change won’t make a difference to the end result. “I have experimented with the new grooves, and to be perfectly honest, I saw a little bit of difference but not a significant difference,” he said. “I think Ping golf clubs are very, very close to the edge of being legal for next year anyway. I went and tested, and I've used my wedges for three or four months now, and I actually imparted more spin with the new wedges, with the new grooves, than I did with the grooves from this year that I've used for three or four months.”
The change in groove configuration is expected to have the greatest impact when playing out of the rough, but Westwood doesn’t believes the ultimate results are going to differ much. “Obviously I think they're going to make a little bit more difference out of the rough, and that's what they're (ruling bodies) trying to get at. That's the angle that they're coming from. I think the best players in the world will still be the best players in the world. The guys with the best short game will still be the guys with the best short game.”
The video below by Cleveland Golf helps to explain the upcoming rule change that takes effect next year on the worldwide Tours and the time horizons when it affects the rest of the golf population.