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As the year winds down, 2009 has proven to be a challenging year for nearly all businesses and industries. With it soon to be viewed through the rear view mirror, many lessons for future years may be an indirect result and perhaps benefit for those living through it. The game has been changing in front of our very eyes. Costs and efficiencies are two staples for any successful business, but given the unforeseen market conditions over this year and potentially lingering into 2010, the two points can never be understated. Finding a way to create greater results with less to work with has become the new business strategy many are faced with.
Never-Search, Inc., a software publisher, believes it can help generate greater productivity for sales reps. “While we already know we have the most accurate golf course locations of any map, we continue to make it better,’ said Keith Kreft, President, Never-Search, Inc. “Golf sales personnel will enjoy the benefits of this invaluable sales lead tool immediately. With the Business Edition software, every piece of information about retail shops, driving ranges and golf courses are at their fingertips, allowing them to efficiently locate, qualify and contact golf facilities in new or unfamiliar areas, or run effective telemarketing or email campaigns.”
The company has recently updated its Business Edition version and a number of enhancements have been included. The nearly 30,000 business golf course email addresses, which appear on the map, are now categorized and prioritized. Categories include; CEO’s, GM’s and assistant GM’s, Directors of Golf, Pro’s and assistant Pro’s, Buyers, general information, administration and business contacts, Instructors, Superintendents and assistant Superintendents, Tournament directors, Event coordinators, FB managers, Membership directors, and tee times.
“In addition, we have also added subfolders for all of the off-course Retail Store chains having more than 10 stores,” Kreft pointed out. “This allows any combination of the 23 chains along with the independent retail stores to be individually selected for display on the map. The operation is identical to the golf course sub-categorization which allows the Private, Military, Resort, Municipal, Semi-Private, and general Public courses to be independently selected for display on the map.”
The newest course additions appear in a folder titled “Latest 250” to allow existing business customers who have already spent time qualifying courses in areas or territories, to easily identify and