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While the Obama administration is talking up the employment opportunities, despite an ongoing murky economy, one golf company was left with the difficult decision to reduce its head count. Callaway Golf (ELY: NYSE) confirmed it has made some changes to its internal staffing but would not reveal the actual number of employees that were affected.
“As part of an ongoing mission to optimize our structure and support Callaway Golf's long term business objectives, we recently instituted several changes that included reassigning a number of employees within the organization, as well as a reduction in workforce,” company spokesman Tim Buckman shared with Web Street. The contributing factors to the decision are believed to be the current economic conditions and consolidation in retail doors within the golf industry in 2009.
Meanwhile, one person has agreed to extend his stay with the company for an additional year. According to a recent filing with the SEC, George Fellows, Callaway’s CEO’s employment contract was extended to December 15, 2012.