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The opening shot of the 2010 PGA Tour has been struck, but its safe to say the focus for fans around the world is more on someone who won’t be there versus those who are. That also extends somewhat to those who are in Maui for the SBS Championship. The reigning US Open Champ, Lucas Glover, for one wouldn’t mind it one bit if Tiger Woods came out of hibernation. “My opinion, The TOUR is better and sports are better when he is here. I'm, on record saying I hope he comes back tomorrow, as soon as possible, because we need him and sports needs him,” Glover proclaimed.

“You could say, man this is a great opportunity. But at the same time say somebody goes out and wins four tournaments, and they happen to be four that Tiger usually plays, do they still get the
credit because he wasn't there?,” he continued. “There are several ways to look at it. But in my opinion, I wish he would come back as soon as possible. It makes us play better, makes The TOUR look better, makes the sponsors happier and all of that stuff.”
The world has become fixated by the world’s #1 player’s personal life since late November. However, Glover, who is sponsored by the same equipment company as Woods, Nike Golf, could careless about what he does outside the ropes of an event. “I know him professional. I don't know him personal, I don't care about that stuff. I care about what he shoots. I want him to get better and and play golf.”

Perhaps truer words were never spoken as with the advent of 24/7 media coverage attempts to make money through advertising off of Woods’ reputation has seen this story remain in the public eye for too long.