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Officials from PING and the USGA met yesterday in Dallas to discuss a resolution to the PING EYE2 debate on the PGA Tour. PING Chairman & CEO John Solheim issued the following statement today: “We had a productive meeting with the USGA yesterday regarding the PING EYE2 groove debate on the PGA Tour,” said PING Chairman & CEO John Solheim.
“I’m encouraged by their willingness to openly discuss some of the challenges the golf industry faces relating to equipment issues. We left the meeting with an understanding we would continue to seek a solution that benefits golfers and acknowledges the importance innovation plays in the game.”
USGA President Jim Hyler stated, "Our conversation with PING regarding the status of the PING EYE2 irons on the major professional American tours was productive, and we are hopeful that a solution can be found that respects and reflects the best interests of golfers and the game."