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While the Winter Olympics are being staged in Vancouver, golf’s turn edges quietly closer to the platform. Meanwhile, the owner of the Washington Capital’s NHL franchise offers some interesting insights that golf may want to take notice of.
“The NHL has provided more than $ 2 BILLION of committed contracts in terms of players to the Olympics. The Capitals have provided in our six players more than $200 million worth of talent as well, I believe. And in payment back we received two free tickets to each game, per team. Seems like a fair exchange huh?
“And we aren’t allowed to do any press work on site or media streaming in any way or use the Olympic logos or see our players or park at the arena and on and on. I bet I am violating some rules in blogging about the Olympics as I am not paying a penny to do so. I didn’t ask for permission or credentials either.
“I love the Olympics but we don’t have a fair exchange of value that is for sure. As far as I can tell the Olympic Committee is more important than governments, leagues, police forces, individual teams, athletes and even religions. They rule! They are in total control. The floggings will continue until morale improves around here!” READ MORE>>>