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Entering a new product category often requires patience. When a company is known for certain products and goes in a new direction it often takes time before the association is made. Softspikes announced last month it has entered the highly competitive grip segment when it officially introduced the product to the trade at the PGA Merchandise Show. However, in a short time it has already forced the company to revise its expectations, but in a good way. In a market often dominated by doom and gloom coming from a macroeconomic picture, Softspikes said it has been forced to ratchet up its forecast by tenfold! John Hohman, Vice President of Marketing told the Pulse the revision is a direct response to what the market has dictated. “The initial reaction to the line has been overwhelming - so much so that our initial projections have been revised up 10x in order to meet the initial pipeline demand,” he said.
The company has several initiatives it has planned that will kick into full force once summer shows signs of arriving. “We are also planning on hiring 20 or so college kids this summer to call on green grass locations throughout the US - to work with them on doing cleat, tee and grip demo days for their guests/members.