One member of the PGA Tour has taken a proactive strategy towards market himself, which includes sharing details of his personal life along the way. While some players prefer to separate their private and public lives, the reigning British Open Champion, Stewart Cink, isn’t one of them and in turn it has generates an incredibly large following.
“If you choose to go to a livelihood or profession in the public, like we are on television, and the gallery can come and see us up close, I think that bears the responsibility of being a public role model,” Cink explained. “And so with Twitter, I love sharing things about my private life, things I find interesting. I don't know if 1.2 million people find everything I find interesting to be interesting. A fraction of those people must because there's a lot of people signing up and it's cool.” The figure he referenced are those who regularly follow his tweets, which speaks volumes about the social media platform.
“I feel like if you're -- if I'm going to play golf at the highest level on TV, I'm going to win big tournaments and make a bunch of money and all that, that's why I feel like I'm responsible for what I do off the course, too,” he said. “It has nothing to do with Twitter. I choose to do that because it's fun for me. But it also has a function. As a professional, you know, it's part of my job to increase my visibility out there a little bit. And it's hard to do that as a golfer, unless you're Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, maybe Anthony Kim. But very few people have that personality that comes through the cameras to the living rooms. I chose to use Twitter, because I can directly contact the fan base, and I don't have to use media people. Seriously it's a direct link from me to them, and I can share my personality. That's who I am. You can't see who I am hitting an 8-iron on the 18th hole. It looks great, if I hit a good shot, then everybody claps but you don't know anything about me. I can contact and communicate with people that way and that's why I chose Twitter. It's been good for me.”