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Its possible that many golf fans who watched Louis Oosthuizen en route to becoming the 2010 Open Champion, missed a spot in his remarkable performance. Oosthuizen put a red dot on his glove between the thumb and index finger that held a special message to only him.
“I had a chat with Dr. Carl Morris about two weeks ago, and I'd always wander off badly and struggle to get back into the moment. That helped me quite a lot, just looking down at it and just remembering what we sat down and what we’re saying and things like that. Just getting me to focus,” he explained.
You know, I'm very happy the way I did it the last nine holes. Normally when I've got that lead, or a lead like that (for the last nine holes), I'll just, when I get the club I'll hit it and get it over with. But I took my time, focused on the shot, didn't try anything funny, and it just helped me quite a bit. I did it beautifully.”
Could this be a trend in the making not only for recreational players, but glove manufacturers???