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More often than not, the big dog gets all the attention. In golf that equates to the driver as most players (professional or recreational) have tunnel vision over distance. However, its only one tool in the infamous toolbox and the game certainly isn’t one-dimensional. Distance has its advantages but it doesn’t guarantee success.
Callaway, a company known worldwide for its drivers, recently introduced its new Diablo Octane model. What the driver may overshadow are the Diablo Octane fairway woods, which like its driver namesake has a Tour version for players to consider implementing. The Tour version is slightly smaller than its counterpart and comes with a traditional hosel, something that Callaway only recently began to incorporate into some of its products.
The company is hoping that a partnership it recently revealed with Lamborghini will help drive some added excitement into the Diablo line up. Both the fairway woods and driver rely on performance characteristics of Forged Composite, a material developed in conjunction with its Italian friends. Callaway engineers believe the properties offer greater transfer of power at impact and more accurate trajectories versus its all-titanium counterparts.