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In a nation obsessed with success, thousands of young golfers soon learn a tough lesson: More than just playing the game, they're expected to excel, turn pro and win tournaments, making their families proud. The schedules of many youths are managed as closely as those of Olympic-hopeful figure skating or gymnastics prodigies around the globe. Today, 4 million South Koreans play golf, competing for space on 251 courses nationwide. In comparison, there are 2,500 courses in Japan and 18,000 in the U.S. Eom Jae-moon, a 17-year-old, practices constantly, sometimes an astonishing 15 hours a day, hitting 900 balls under the scrutiny of a personal coach, living and breathing the sport to the exclusion of all else, including subjects such as science and history. His only outside endeavor is practicing English on his daily commute. And that's exactly how his mother wants it. READ MORE>>>