Regardless of the sport, professionals make it look easy. In the real world, its the furthest thing from the truth. Last year saw the gap between the PGA TOUR  and its European rivals essentially evaporate. Three out of the four major champions came from across the Atlantic Ocean. Martin Kaymer decided he didn’t need to bring his game to America, despite having a home in Scottsdale, AZ. Rory McIlroy was one and done as he resigned his PGA TOUR membership despite posting a win. Perhaps losing out in the Rookie of the Year award to Rickie Fowler made the decision easier. Meanwhile, a change occurred at the top as Lee Westwood became the world’s #1 player.
The PGA Tour slogan for years has been,“These guys are good.” No one is doubting that but the Euros have taken its game up a notch and that includes in the marketing department. Have a look below and see how they appear as real life people yet display incredible skills.