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Golfsmith CEO, Marty Hanaka, was seen touting on CNBC recently the resurgence of his business, which in turn implies golf, in general, is getting healthier. The timing is a bit of interest on a couple of notes. First, less than 15 days into a New Year isn’t typically a time when you can find anyone whether they are under a blanket of snow or not, to be optimistic about the upcoming golf season, unless its a TOUR pro that competes for a King’s ransom each week. Second, as was first reported in Wednesday’s issue of the Pulse, Golfsmith pre-announced its fourth quarter operating results but won’t deliver the final tallies for its fiscal year until February 24th. The numbers aren’t expected to change but the CEO is foreshadowing his business is upbeat even if most of the country isn’t online given the winter weather.
Normally public companies go into a quiet period (SEC rules) 30 days out so as not to influence investors one way or another until everything has been locked down on the reporting side of the business. Nevertheless, Hanaka wasn’t holding back in his interview or his enthusiasm towards the game.